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Oboe-lympic Chamber Camp

July 26-30, 2021


Have you missed playing in person with others in this past year?

Do you wish that the oboes could play the melody more often?

Do you want to learn how to be a leader in a tight-knit, winning team?

Join the Oboe-lympic Chamber Camp!

Learn skills this summer that you can bring back to the band room in the fall! We will work on different aspects of being a part of the Oboe Section Team:

  • REED HACKS: I'll spill a few secret quick fixes you can use when you reeds suddenly start acting up in band class.

  • TUNING: We'll play games to see if we can get that tuner needle perfectly in the green zone. We'll also learn to tune perfectly to each other and sound like one GIANT oboe!

  • CUING: Sometimes in chamber music, YOU become the conductor. Learn how to be a great leader - it's not that scary!

  • LISTENING: A winning team requires strong teamwork. In music, a strong team player is one who listens well. Learn what you should be listening for, and how this can make you a strong musician.

We'll also get to play fun music!

Practice your new chamber music skills while playing Oboe Trio and Quartet arrangements of your favorite tunes, including:

  • Olympic Fanfare and Theme (of course!)

  • Harry Potter

  • Super Mario Bros

  • Castaways, from the Backyardigans

  • And more!

Sign Up Below!

Dates: July 26 - 30, 2021

Time: 9:30 am - 12:30 pm

Where: Newcastle, WA

Cost: $250

Please bring:

  • Water bottle

  • Mask for when we're not playing

  • Folding music stand (if you own one)

  • Instrument mask, bell cover, etc. if you have them from band class


To reserve your spot in the camp, please fill out the form below. Thank you!

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