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Lessons in the JS Oboe Studio


Hoping your child will "stick with" music this time? Did they quit piano, and now you're wishing that they will find joy in starting oboe lessons? (You're not alone!)

Or have you been trying to get into that youth symphony but can't quite figure out how to take your auditioning skills to the next level?

Maybe you played the oboe while growing up, and are just looking for some pointers to get back into playing?

No matter your level, I will guide you as you step up your game

Students in the JS Oboe Studio...

  • Receive weekly reed adjustment help as needed. Nothing will keep you away from the oboe faster than a fussy reed will. 

  • Keep track of and quickly see their weekly progress through level-appropriate method books and etude books.

  • Receive personalized coaching to help reach your goals. Whether you want to gain confidence for band class playing tests or you have your eyes set on getting into youth symphony, I want to help you see and reach your potential.

  • Have opportunities to play chamber music. The opportunities to make music with others is part of what makes the oboe so fun! We will regularly play duets in lessons, and I may join in on the piano parts to some of your solos. You will also have chances to play and perform chamber music with your oboe friends in the studio.


"I have really enjoyed lessons, they have taught me a lot and have been fun. Jamie is a great mentor on more than just oboe and it has been fun meeting with her each week."

- Katie, student

Ready for a FREE Trial Lesson?

If you think you're ready to join the JS Studio, sign up for your free trial lesson with me!

If you are a complete beginner, have no fear! I will help you start your oboe journey with your best foot forward.

By the end of the lesson, you will:

  • Know how to make a sound on a tricky instrument

  • Take home a packet of music that you will be able to play

  • Be given a Beginning Oboe Cheat Sheet full of tips and tricks for becoming a true oboist

If you have been playing the oboe for a while, you will leave your trial lesson with:

  • One Golden Nugget - one little concept for you to focus on that will improve your playing

  • Warm Up exercises that will focus on areas in your playing where you wish to grow

Whether you are new to the oboe or not, each student who takes a trial lesson with me will receive one free reed, handmade by me and adjusted for you.

If you are interested in signing up for your trial lesson, or if you would simply like to request more information, click the button below and fill out the Contact Form!

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